Conflict Management Guidelines


  • Laboratory for Social Machines students and research staff will work on research motivated solely by the academic goals of the Social Machine group and the mission of the Media Lab.
  • Social Machines will focus on novel, publishable research, with results widely disseminated and subject to all standard intellectual property policies of MIT.
  • Twitter’s relationship with Social Machines is governed by the same policies as all other Media Lab members in terms of research agenda and IP access.
  • Twitter will not have IP access rights different than other sponsors of the Media Lab.
  • Twitter employees will have richer interactions with Social Machines students and staff via events and collaborations. Twitter will appoint James Kondo as an MIT affiliate, and he will be placed at Social Machines as a visiting scientist.
  • In keeping with the academic mission of Social Machines, students and staff will work across many social and mass media platforms – including but not limited to Twitter.
  • Social Machines will have more comprehensive access to Twitter data than other academic institutions. However, this same data in more limited quantities has been available for years – freely in lower levels of access and commercially at higher levels — and is used regularly in research and commercial projects across the world..
  • Social Machines will have access only to Twitter’s public data (i.e., not to protected accounts) and will abide by Twitter’s privacy policy and guidelines set up to protect their user rights.